If you are arrested for allegedly committing a crime and taken to jail, you may be released on bail for an amount set by either a judge or a bail schedule. Depending how your bail is posted will establish when and the way in which your bail is released or forfeited.

What the Courts Do

If you appear at all of your court appointments, your bail will be exonerated when the case is closed. Keep in mind that if you incur outstanding fines at sentencing, the court will most likely take that out of your bail money. If you paid cash bail, the court will refund the bail amount owed to you. Wisconsin does not have bail bondsmen, however in states that do, the refund would go to the bond company.

If you do not appear at all court appointments, in person or represented by your lawyer, the court will take your bail away and you will lose your money. If you were arrested in a different state and used a bail agent, the bondsman will go after you and/or a cosigner for the money, or otherwise the company will keep your collateral.

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