Domestic violence is considered and act of unwarranted aggression between people who are couples, parents and children, siblings or anyone involved in some type of domestic relationship.

Getting charged with battery is easier than you think. If any of the above mentioned people are hurt, pushed, poked, or even spit on, it is regarded as battery. Other instances of domestic violence occur with property damage, trespassing, stalking or false imprisonment. Assault is simply placing someone in fear of battery, and that is the sole condition. If a minor under 16 years old is present, the accused party will probably face a cruelty to children charge.

If you or a loved one was arrested and taken to jail, you will need to appear in court within 72 hours to get bond posted. Understandably, it is very frightening. Once bond is established, hopefully life will fall back into place. There may be a no contact condition, meaning that the arrested person can have no contact of any type with the assumed victim. A judicial order is the only way to modify that restriction. For first-time offenses a diversion program is an option. Other offenders may want to consider some type of agreement with the prosecution, or perhaps prepare a criminal defense strategy. Domestic violence consequences are very serious. Additional incidents are categorized as felonies.

Seek Counsel Immediately

It is critical to get legal assistance if you are charged with domestic violence, as you do not want to encounter these penalties alone. If you or someone you know is in trouble, call Affordable Legal Services in Madison, Wisconsin at 608-834-1355 to discuss how we can help.

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